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Welcome to BIKE Santa Monica, a program designed to encourage active living by promoting fitness, wellness and a more livable community. 

NEW: L.A. Bicycle Master Plan Update!

Visit the L.A. Bicycle Master Plan website for more information. 


Getting Around

Bring your bike for a ride on the Big Blue Bus. Visit their website for helpful information on loading and unloading your bike.


Ride your bike to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market on Sundays. Our new Bike Valet service is a safe and secure way to check your bike while you enjoy your day!



The CalTrans Bike Program works to improve safety and convenience for bicyclists by providing policy, funding, planning and technical expertise in bicycle transportation in consultation with federal, state, and local transportation agencies, Caltrans headquarters and District staff, legislative staff, and the public.


The National Center for Biking and Walking ( advocates for improved programs, planning and safety measures for cyclists and pedestrians.


Bikes Belong Coalition has gathered lots of interesting facts in its Moving America Forward booklet. For example, did you know that buying a bike is 30 times less expensive than owning and operating a car?




 RacePlace has a comprehensive calendar of bike events in California.



Local Bike Shops & Rentals

A listing of bike shops and rental locations in Santa Monica.



Other Links of Interest

The Complete Streets concept is a revolutionary way of re-envisioning streets to create an equal network of safe transit roads for all users - pedestrians, bikers, drivers and mass transit riders, as well as increased accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

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