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Welcome to BIKE Santa Monica, a program designed to encourage active living by promoting fitness, wellness and a more livable community. 

Rules of the Road


Advice from the Santa Monica Police Department

  • Wear a helmet. Individuals under 18 are required by law to wear one.

  • Share the road safely. Bicyclists must ride on streets like any other vehicles.



Biking Etiquette


  • When riding with other bicyclists, ride in a single line and communicate by hand signals or calling out to riders behind you.


Riding & Safety Tips


  • Inspect your bike before going for a ride. Check handlebars, seat, breaks, tire pressure, reflectors and light.

  • Ride to the right, staying a safe distance from the curb, gutters or parked car doors. Use bike lanes where available. Bikes are not allowed on sidewalks.

  • Ride with traffic. Never ride against traffic - it is illegal and dangerous.

  • Use hand signals and eye contact to communicate with motorists, other bicyclists and pedestrians. Watch for cars pulling out.

  • Do things right - Don't pass on the right, make a left turn from the right lane or ride through an intersection from a lane marked for right turns only.

  • Avoid pavement hazards and be on the lookout for sewer grates, slippery manhole covers, oily pavement, potholes and gravel.

  • Learn to make quick turns and stops and always be ready to brake.

  • Be seen. Wear brightly colored clothing and reflective gear, if needed. Don't ride out of view next to cars or the curb.

  • Learn to look back over your shoulder and identify your blind spots.

  • Never wear headphones.

For more advice, check out this guide to Better Biking Tips.


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