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    Locations and Facilities


            Park List

            Specific Parks

                     Airport Park

                     Clover Park

                     Douglas Park

                     Euclid Park

                     Joslyn Park

                     Los Amigos Park

                     Reed Park

                     Marine Park

                     Memorial Park

                     Palisades Park

                     Stewart Street Park

                     Virginia Avenue Park

            Off-Leash Areas


   Current Improvement Projects  


    Rules & Regulations

           Park Rangers
           Park Rules

           Park Hours

    Event Permits


    Film Permits

    Parks & Recreation Master Plan

    Open Space Element  


    Recreation & Parks Commission

    Contact Us








The Recreation & Parks Commission advises City Council and the Department of Community and Cultural Services on matters related to recreation programs, parks and other open space areas, and the community forest.

The Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month beginning at 7:30 pm.



Browse meeting agendas & minutes by year:

2012 Meetings

2011 Meetings

2010 Meetings

2009 Meetings

2008 Meetings

2007 Meetings

2006 Meetings

2005 Meetings

2004 Meetings

2003 Meetings

2002 Meetings



























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